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Model Description Price Overall Length x Whorl Diameter Weight
150 Traditional Spindle Call for Availability 10.5" x 4" 4 ozs
151 Square Shaft Spindle Call for Availability 12" x 4" 3 ozs
152 Inexpensive Spindle Call for Availability 12" x 3.5" 3.5 ozs
153 Cotton Spindle $38 10" x 2.75" 1 oz
155 Sudanese Spindle Call for Availability 12" x 4" 3 ozs
160 Navajo Spindle $65 32" x 5.5" 9 ozs
170 Turkish Spindle $41 16" x 8" (cross arms) 2-4 ozs

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Drop Spindles for Handspinning

Drop Spindles are where most people receive their introduction to spinning. Using them teaches you how to handle the fiber and draw it into yarn. Our spindles are made of hardwood and turned on a lathe to insure prefect balance.

All weights and sizes are approximate.

Traditional Spindle

This spindle with a tapered shaft is the same basic design that has been used for centuries.

Square Shaft Spindle
This spindle is similar to the Traditional Spindle except it has a square shaft which makes turning the spindle easier. 

Inexpensive Spindle

This spindle is excellent for those who want to learn to spin with very little investment. It is good for teachers and students working on a limited budget. It has an oak whorl and a round shaft with a notch at the top.

Cotton Spindle

This spindle is designed specifically for spinning cotton fiber. Light weight hardwood is used for the whorl.  

Sudanese Spindle

This spindle is used with the whorl on top and the shaft hanging down. The spindle is turned by rolling the shaft quickly down the leg. These are particularly good for spinning a thin yarn quickly. 

Navajo Spindle

These are similar to the spindles used by the Navajo Indians. The spinning process is similar to that of the Great Wheel. They are ideal for spinning a heavy yarn for that special project.

Turkish or Cross-arm Spindle
This spindle is unique for several reasons. First, it has a square shaft which makes turning the spindle easy. Second, as you spin you wind the spun yarn into a ball on the spindle. Third, the spindle is adjustable for 5 different weights up to 4 oz. Fourth, the spindle has a greater carry than other spindles which makes spinning easier. Fifth, you can stop the spindle from back spinning by moving the arms of the spindle against your leg. This is the most popular, most versatile spindle we sell and the easiest to spin on. Complete with instructions.



Inexpensive SpindleNavajo SpindleTraditional SpindleSquare Shaft SpindleCotton SpindleSudanese SpindleTurkish Spindle
Traditional Spindle            Square Shaft Spindle       Inexpensive Spindle           Cotton Spindle                  Sudanese Spindle                       Navajo Spindle                               Turkish Spindle