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Elite Convertible

     The Elite Convertible - $1045

After years of listening to teachers, advanced fiber artists, and everyday users of The Standard and our competitors' drum carders, we set out to create the ultimate drum carder. It had to process all fibers with one tooth count and style. The batt size needed to be substantial. It had to be portable and easy to clean. It had to include all the tools necessary to process any type of fiber and it had to be convertible to an electric carder without being returned to our shop.

In June of 2013 at the Estes Park Wool Market in Colorado we introduced such a carder. The new Elite Convertible Drum Carder will process all types of fiber from angora rabbit to cotton, alpaca, mohair, cashmere, all types of wool - from fine to coarse and short to long staple - merino to churro to foot-long English Long Wool, as well as silk, bamboo, and every type of plant or manmade fiber we have thrown at it. We process it all with our newly designed proprietary 72 tpi (teeth per inch) mill-style card clothing. No drums to change, no adjustments to be made. Simply feed the fiber in and begin producing gourmet batts ready for spinning or felting. Or if you prefer, remove the fiber with a diz to create your own carded sliver of any size.

Speaking of batts, this 8 inch wide carder allows you to produce batts over twice the size of our Standard 8" carder and as large or larger than batts from other manufacturers' 16" wide carders. Batts of 3 to 4 oz. are easily attained (depending on the fiber) with the packing and burnishing brushes included with the Elite Convertible. Batts can be prepared as either woolen or semi-worsted with no damage to either the fiber or the carder.

Included with the Elite 8" Convertible drum carder are five tools that we have found help you get the most versatility out of your drum carder:

Elite Convertible with Accessories
The Elite Convertible is very portable, weighing in at only 20 pounds. It is tall enough for the roller crank handle to clear the table so it doesn't need to be placed on the edge of the table. It comes in a reusable shipping carton that provides safe storage for not only the carder, but all of the accessories. At such time that you decide to step up to an electric carder the Elite 8" is easily converted just by ordering the Electric Drive. Once the Electric Drive arrives it takes about two minutes to install the Elite on the Electric Drive. The really nice thing is that you can convert back to a hand crank carder in another two minutes and it is designed so you can convert back and forth as often as you like.

     Electric Drive for the Elite Convertible - $1095
From the day the Standard debuted we were asked for an electric drive conversion. As a woodworker, Henry was familiar with the dangers of automatically-feeding machines and decided against releasing a powered version of the Standard. After seeing countless well-intentioned yet cringe-inducing home created conversions and with the introduction of the 8" Elite, we decided to take matters into our own hands and make not only an Electric Drive, but what we feel is the safest Electric Drive on the market today.

The safety of the Electric Drive starts with a key switch. Without the key in place and in the on position, the motor will not start. The key cannot be removed while in the on position. Once the key is switched on, a red LED will light, indicating power is on. Large industrial style push button controls turn the motor on and off - a recessed green button for on, an extended red button for off. A fuse protects the carder in case of over load. If the fuse happens to blow, the red LED will not light when the key is switched on, immediately indicating to the user the loss of power. All electrical components are UL approved and are mounted entirely within a ventilated steel enclosure , making the Elite Convertible with Electric Drive the first and only powered carder in the industry to meet all legal requirements regarding electrical safety. As an added measure of safety, power is transmitted from the motor to the main drum via a urethane drive belt. If the carder is jammed - by too much fiber or an errant body part - the drive pulley will slip rather than continually feeding like a chain drive. The 10 foot long power cord eliminates the need for an extension cord. No clamps are necessary as the unit is heavy enough that it will not move while in use.

Electric Drive for Elite Convertible

The Elite Convertible with Electric Drive is the only drum carder on the market that can convert back and forth between hand crank and electric drive - and it does so seamlessly. Removing the drive pulley and belt from the Elite Convertible and installing the polymer roller crank handle takes less than a minute. The Elite Convertible disconnects from the Electric Drive base in less than a minute if you wish to use it on the go as a hand crank only. Converting the Elite back to Electric Drive from Hand Crank takes less than two minutes.

     Elite Convertible + Electric Drive

Elite Convertible + Electric Drive

Not pictured:
The Elite Crankless - $1975 - If you don't need the portability of the Convertible but would like Electric Drive, this unit combines both the carder and the Electric Drive in one unit.
To place an order, please give us a call at 800-900-4118.